This page is still under construction, but will continue to be populated with links to the various stimuli I've used in my research. All of the stimuli listed on this page will likely also be posted on the Open-Science Framework's Study Registry, once that is up and running. If there is some material from my past work that you would like to see and/or use, and it is not available on this page, please feel free to email me (motyl at virginia dot edu).

Scales I've Helped to Develop

  • Partisan Hostility: This is a 24 item self-report measure asking participants their atttitudes towards liberals and conservatives. This scale is highly reliable (alphas > .95).
  • Support for Diplomacy: This is a 10-item self-report measure assessing participants' support for peaceful diplomacy. You can find the details of this scale in the 2009 publication here.
  • Perceived Common Humanity: This is a 12-item self-report measure assessing the degree to which people think their successes and failures are shared with all other people. This scale won the Division 48: Peace Psychology's Poster Award at APA in 2008.
  • Commander-in-chief and Iran: This is a 10-item self-report measure asking participants to role-play as if they were the commander-in-chief and it was their responsibility to decide to use aggressive military actions in response to 10 hypothetical courses of action that the Iranian government could take. This scale appears in-full in the appendix of Motyl, Hart, & Pyszczynski (2009), but was developed by Zach Rothschild for his unpublished master's thesis.
  • Attitudes Toward Immigration: This is a 14-item self-report scale assessing participants attitudes towards using overtly hostile actions against potential illegal immigrants and towards more moderate policy changes to address the immigration issue. There is a validated French translation of this, too, thanks to Dave Weise.

Scales I've used, but did not develop

Manipulations I've Developed

  • Moral Fit: This manipulation consists of a news article describing how the moral values of universities are changing. In the last paragraph of the news article, it states that the University of Virginia is becoming more liberal or more conservative. To use this elsewhere, just change the location to wherever you are.
  • Violence as Creaturely or Uniquely Human: This manipulation consists of a short paragraph and two pictures that either portray violent behavior as something very animalistic or something uniquely human. Please cite Motyl, Hart, Goldenberg, Heflick, Pyszczynski, & Cooper, 2012.
  • Shared Human Experiences (positive) This manipulation consists of three short vignettes depicting basic human activities that people across all cultures might experience. To induce cross-cultural shared human experiences, use the non-American-sounding names in bold in the document. For a control/comparison condition, use the American-sounding names in bold in the document. Please cite Motyl, Hart, Pyszczynski, Weise, Maxfield, & Siedel, 2011.

Manipulations I've Used