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Excellent Stats Tools
Kris Preacher's site with an online mediation calculator and offline macros for download.
Daniel Soper's site with lots of online stat calculators.
David Kenny's moderation and mediation pages.
Andrew Hayes' downloadable statistics macros / programs.
UCLA annotates output on most analyses from most stats programs.
G-Power is great for most of your power analysis needs.
Onyx is the best free SEM / path modeling software available today.

Some Collaborators
Jonathan Haidt, Brian Nosek, Shige Oishi, Tom Pyszczynski, Jesse Graham, Bill Chopik, Jeremy Frimer, Linda Skitka, Sam Gosling, Anthony Washburn, Brittany Hanson, Tomas Stahl, Sean Wojcik, Kate Johnson, Jamie Morris, Sophie Trawalter, Carlee Hawkins, Jarret Crawford, Ben Converse, Gary Sherman, Josh Hart, Jesse Kluver, Ravi Iyer, Pelin Kesebir, Rachel Riskind, Thomas Talhelm, Nathan Heflick, Sena Koleva, and others. If I collaborate with you and haven't listed you (and you have a website), you can: 1) let me know, and/or 2) generate possible charitable attributions as to why your name is not on this list.