Selected Press Coverage About My Work

4/18/2017: Pacific Standard -- Why we shut ourselves off from opposing viewpoints
2/10/2017: The Outline -- America needs a dose of real talk: Genuine conversation, not performative sniping, will save us from permanent division.
1/11/2017: Chicago Magazine -- UIC study busts stereotype that liberals don’t hold anything sacred
1/10/2017: Live Science -- Ranking romance: Here are the best (and worst) states for love
1/9/2017: The Guardian -- Are you a ‘la la la, I can’t hear you’ liberal?
11/21/2016: Chicago Tribune -- This Thanksgiving, Should You Go Cold Turkey on Political Talk?
11/11/2016: Pacific Standard -- Why We Live in Ideological Enclaves
7/22/2016: National Public Radio’s Science Friday –- Life in the Wrong Political Bubble
6/6/2016: Newsweek -- Voters Don't Seem to Care Whether Candidates Tell the Truth
3/31/2016: The Atlantic -- How to Make Psychology Studies More Reliable
3/25/2016: New York Times -- Bernie Sanders Consistent Over Decades in His Call for ‘Revolution’
12/17/2015: Washington Post -- Doom and gloom of current GOP crop contrasts with Reagan’s glowing optimism
12/6/2015: New York Times -- 95,000 Words, Many of Them Ominous, From Donald Trump’s Tongue
11/10/2015: FiveThirtyEight -- How to tell good studies from bad? Bet on them
11/2/2015: National Journal (cover story) -- The war on partisanship: How fighting polarization became its own cause
9/2015: More than 200 articles were written about our Science paper on reproducibility of psychological research; see Google News feed
6/1/2015: The New Yorker -- Who's Happy Now? (satirical piece)
5/7/2015: Metro News -- After NDB Win in Alberta, Toronto Leftists Joke of Western Dreams
3/15/2015: Chicago Tribute -- The right of happiness. Now shut up about it.
3/12/2015: CBS News – Who are happier, liberals or conservatives?
12/16/2014: Time Magazine -- Why The Torture Report Won't Actually Change Anyone's Views on Torture
9/1/2014: Kansas City Star -- Your Block May Say a Lot About Your Politics
7/29/2014: Salon -- Secrets of the Right-wing Brain
7/18/2014: NY Times -- The data-driven home search: Using data to find a New York suburb that fits
7/15/2014: Mother Jones -- Scientists Are Beginning to Figure Out Why Conservatives Are... Conservative
2/12/2014: Nature -- Scientific Method: Statistical Errors -- P values are not as reliable as many scientists assume
11/27/2013: NPR -- How Republicans And Democrats Ended Up Living Apart
11/13/2013: Salon -- Forget states -- neighborhoods are now red and blue
11/12/2013: Pacific Standard Magazine -- There's No Place Like My Ideologically Homogeneous Home
10/7/2013: CBS Radio -- The Psychology of the Government Shutdown
10/4/2013: Live Science -- Gov't Shutdown Science: Why Human Nature Is to Blame
11/15/2012: Pacific Standard Magazine -- Accepting a warming planet may cool the urge to go to war
11/8/2012: Live Science -- Left and right: Can we ever get along?
6/21/2012: The Daily Beast -- How Do We Respond to Images of War?
5/19/2012: National Affairs Daily Roundup of Academic Studies -- Provocative
5/16/2012: Pacific Standard Magazine -- Facebook: Saving Lives, One Kidney at a Time
5/4/2011: National Affairs Daily Roundup of Academic Studies: Serious, Sublime, Surreal, and Otherwise -- Melting Pot
10/14/2010: USA Today -- Obama Science Plumbs Wacky End of People's Beliefs
10/5/2010: Psychology Today -- Is Obama the Antichrist?
9/15/2010: Slate -- Is Obama the Antichrist? Why We Believe Propaganda
1/5/2010: Miller-McCune -- Breaking the Link Between Fear and Conservatism
9/14/2009: Miller-McCune -- Notion that Violence is Animalistic Reduces Support for War
11/3/2008: BBC World: Predicting Young Voter Turnout